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mini bassinet diaper cake
mini bassinet diaper cake

Baby bootie diaper cake
Baby bootie diaper cake

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approx 1.4 oz


Abominable snowman– jack frost & pink sugar

Alaskan Wilderness - brisk, evergreen scent and a clear mountain stream nearby

All Summer long – fresh cut grass,, watermelon


APPLE BUTTER CONFECTION This delectably sweet scent is a combination of delicious apple, gooey caramel, and sweet and spicy apple butter

APPLE OF MY EYE –  vanilla ice cream, green apple flavored topping,  smothered in caramel sauce

APPLE PIE PUNCH – macintosh apples, apple cider, pear nectar, gingerale

Apple puff candy – apples, ooey gooey goodness and sweet candy  

Applelicious Sleigh ride  -   green apple , pear, cinnamon & slight hint of pine. 

AUTUMN DANCING – baked blueberries and creamy marshmallow

AUTUMN ON MY MIND  -  macintosh apple, sugar, caramel candy, toffee pudding, apple butter, vanilla bean & zucchini bread

Bake my Day     Christmas cravings fragrance oil will make your mouth water!  This wonderful fragrance begins with top notes of orange, grapefruit, lemon, and apple; followed by middle notes of cinnamon, ginger, carrot, and nutmeg; sitting on base notes of buttercream and vanilla.

Bake my Day     Christmas cravings fragrance oil will make your mouth water!  This wonderful fragrance begins with top notes of orange, grapefruit, lemon, and apple; followed by middle notes of cinnamon, ginger, carrot, and nutmeg; sitting on base notes of buttercream and vanilla.

BIRTHDAY IN SEPTEMBER  – birthday cake plus secret ingredients

Blackberry marmalade biscotti – tart blackberry, not too sweet, and italian biscotti

Brown sugar & maple marshmallow cake – vanilla , brown sugar, maple syrup, marshmallow and scratch cake

BROWN SUGAR MAPLE SUGAR COOKIE – brown sugar, maple syrup, pecan sugar cookie

BROWN SUGAR PECAN –brown sugar & pecans

Candy  Cane – fresh peppermint leaves,  sweet strawberries, vanilla

Caramel apple zucchini bread – caramel sauce, green apple & warm zucchini bread (not spicy)

Caramel Drizzled Marshmallow Bread – fluffy marshmallow baked fresh bread, drizzled with warm caramel

Casper Bread– birthday cake, vanilla bean noel, marshmallow, sugar cookie, zucchini bread

CASPER IN THE WOODS – birthday cake, vanilla bean noel, marshmallow, sugar cookie, redwood & cedar

CHARRO – fresh baked bread, vanilla  butter, cookies

Charro - fresh baked bread, vanilla  butter, cookies

Christmas Birthday - birthday cake plus secret ingredients

Christmas Cabin---- A wonderful blend of bayberries and cranberries with a top note of freshly crushed cinnamon bark with hints of orange zests.

Christmas Charro – fresh pine, fresh baked bread, vanilla butter, cookies

Christmas Cheer-----A Spicy clove & mulled pear, with a green apple fruity orange top note fir balsam and clovey cinnamon middle note and a sweet balsam vanilla and musky/pine base note

Coffee Apple Spice- fresh brewed coffee, mac apple, vanilla, & nutmeg

Coffee Ice Cream – buttery cream, Brazilian coffee, brown sugar, cocoa powder, & Creamy vanilla base

COLOR MY WORLD -  Yummy caramel, moist orange pound cake, caramel crumbles

CRANBERRY APPLE CAKE –  fresh tart cranberry, apples & moist white cake    .

Cranberry Cobbler –  cranberry relish, with hints of fresh ground cinnamon

Cranberry Peppermint -  lemon, cranberry, orange, pomegranate, peppermint, spearmint, and crème de menthe on a base of vanilla, wintergreen and eucalyptus.

Easter Egg Hunt – very clean scent, hint of green, keylime, bergamot, arugula, fresh basil, while lilly, cloe & green leaf

FALL & FOOTBALL, OH MY! pistachio cake, marshmallow & vanilla butter confection

FALL FESTIVAL – cotton candy, birthday cake, vanilla ice cream (Kari B blend)

FARM HOUSE - Ginger Root, Sparkling Citron, Tangelo Goji Berry, Strawberry Seeds, Apple Cider, Raspberry leaves, Pomegranate Juice, Cassia Root.

Flaming Star – raw sugar, mandarin, citrus grapefruit

GREAT PUMPKIN ADVENTURE -  pumpkin, marshmallow & sugar cookie

Here Comes the Sun - Pistachio almond macaroon sugar cookie

Hot Fun in the Summertime -  Pineapple coconut casper

Hot in Here - Raspberry violet

Hot Stuff – Lime, gingerale & apple

Jack Frost - clean peppermint aroma with hints of vanilla bean

KALEIDOSCOPE OF COLORS – blackberry jam, lemon poppyseed, angel food cake 

Lemon Apple ginger pie -  Lemons blended with freshly chopped apples added into a baked crust made of ginger and warm sugar

Lemon Frosted Birthday – Bakery lemon birthday cake

Maple Pumpkin Fresh baked cornbread—  hot maple syrup, pumpkin puree & fresh baked cornbread

Marshmallow Mac – toasted marshmallow & macintosh apple

Marshmallow mornings~ ooey gooey marshmallow blended with a little bit of this and that

NANA’S PUMPKIN VANILLA TREAT – pumpkins, marshmallows, & other secret ingredients

NEVER FEAR AUTUMNS HERE Pumpkin pie spice, vanilla, marshmallow  & graham crackers

Peppermint Noel (HB)  a blend of peppermint and vanilla bean noel

PICK A PECK OF PUMPKINS -  pumpkin pie filling,  yellow cake, ,butter, pecans & spice

Pomegranate cider - cider notes of apple, sugar and cloves with  the added tart and tangy kick of fresh pomegranate.

PUMPKIN  BREAD - pumpkin puree,  vanilla butter confection and fresh baked bread bread

PUMPKIN CRUNCH ALMOND BISCOTTI – pumpkin crunch cake , almond biscotti

PUMPKIN PECAN WAFFLES – pumpkin waffles and butter with sweet pure maple syrup and touches of brown sugar

PUMPKIN VANILLA CONFECTION BUTTER BRICKLE – pumpkin, vanilla butter confection, butter brickle

Rustic lodge – fresh, fruity green apple, honey, cinnamon bark, nuts, creamy caramel, maple sugar, cider spice, and warm French vanilla. 

SCARECROW –vanilla bean, caramel, gourmet sugar cookie

Schools Out for Summer - Pink raspberry sangria

Sinus Relief  - cool, crisp blend of camphor, eucalyptus, and mint.

Snowman balls -sexy, spicy blend of peppercorns, nutmeg, and fresh clove; embodied with notes of elderberries, blackberries, plums, and fresh green oakmoss; with magical, effervescent top notes of carbonated fizzy pop and just a hint of cool mint.

Southern Pecan Pie - creamy butter, Georgia pecans, and real whipped cream

Southern Sunshine – seaberry, pearberry & sea salt

Strawberry Candy Cane – peppermint, spearmint, strawberries eucylptus, vanilla & musk

Strawberry Fields - Strawberry jam twinkie

Sugared Spruce---A most unique scent that combines sweetness and greenery. If you are looking for something a little different this is the one.

Summer Nights  -Pomegranate , strawberry soda, fizzy pops

Summertime Blues  - Blueberry cherry crush

Sunny side of the Street  - Lemon frosted birthday cake & citrus explosion

Sweet Winterberry  This blend of fresh berries has magnetic appeal. Fruity top notes lift the green accord that surrounds the mélangeof cranberry, raspberry, gooseberry and currant. Sugared
musk and sweet vanilla support the fruit sensation.

Tinsel - pomegranate, strawberries, raspberries, with a subtle hint of fresh peppermint leaves and fresh vanilla.

Toasted on the fire –  roasted marshmallows over the fire

TOUCHDOWN -   - blend of fresh baked zuccchini bread with orange zest and a hint of something sweet

Under the Boardwalk - Passionfruit, black currant & bergamot

Vanilla Bean Caramel Sugar Cookie –vanilla bean, caramel, gourmet sugar cookie

Waiting for the Sun - Lime, peppermint, vanilla bean, pie crust

Walking on Sunshine  - Strawberry gingerale

Whiskers -  fresh, crisp & clean sweet fresh citrus

Wildberry Mousse Ice Cream Scoop Bread – wilberry mousse & ice cream scoop bread

You are my sunshine -  Lemon sugar, peach nectar, orange sherbert

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