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mini bassinet diaper cake
mini bassinet diaper cake

Baby bootie diaper cake
Baby bootie diaper cake

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will contain at least 12oz of wax melts in various shapes




apple caramel confection- Delicate apple bits are folded into rich and buttery melted caramel with sweet milk, sugar cane crystals, apple butter and a rich toffee custard with just the right amount of nutmeg and vanilla bean.

apple puff candy  -apple macintosh,  ooey gooey goodness & sweet candy

blackberry lemon marmalade - blackberry marmalade blended with sweet lemon

Blonde sunshine -blonde moment , lemon

burst & sparkle -  burst of orange and the sparkle of fresh fruity tones a

Can You Spell Loopy ~  Our blend of VS Love Spell dupe blended with fruit loops. It sounds unusual but actually smells great together

Candied Marshmallow ~  sweet fruity candy flavors mixed into fluffy marshmallow

 caramel apple sundae  -loads of vanilla ice cream, green apple flavored topped, smothered in caramel sauce  

citrus lemon - lemon blended with Tangy, tropical, heady, exotic grapefruit with a touch of sweetness

Emalee's blend- Emalee was 4 years old, when she grabbed 2 bottles of fragrance oil and she said here Nana mix these in your wax.. Satsuma & sweet candy

Flaming star - -  Raw cane sugar,  mandarin orange & tangy, tropical,  exotic grapefruit **

fluffy lemonade  - marshmallows & lemonade

Iced lemon zucchini bread(HB)~  lemon frosted cookies blended with zucchini bread

keylime lemon cookie - keylime tart, lemon and sugar cookie 

King Creole - Yummy blend of mandarin, plum, strawberry, pearberry & coconut

Kissin Cousins  - blend of lollipop, fruit and sweet candy goodness

lemon cotton candy --lemon blended with cotton candy

lemon cotton candy caramel orange cake - lemon, cotton candy & orange caramel crumb cake 

Lemon frosted apple puff candy - bakery lemon, apples, oooey gooey goodness, sweet candy  & warm vanilla cake

Lemon Frosted Birthday cake  bakery lemon &  warm vanilla cake,, 

lemon frosted pomegranate birthday cake - bakery lemon, pomegranate & birthday cake

Lemon ice tea - cool refrshing cup of lemon ice tea

Lemon love spell - lemon blended with love spell 

lemon marshmallow - bakery lemon and gooey marshmallow

Lemon raspberry sangria - lemon & raspberry sangria 

Lemon verbena  - tangy yet smooth, no furniture polish smell 

lemonade koolaid cake  -lemonade, cherry koolaid, birthday cake 

Loopy Rocking Dipity (HB)~  fruity loops, rock candy and serendipity 

Marshmallow Lemon Berry Noel  bakery lemon, marshmallow, passion fruit and vanilla bean noel 

Marshmallow mac -- mac apple  & marshmallow

Marshmallow mornings~ ooey gooey marshmallow blended with a little bit of this and that

Mom’s Day – sea salt, watermelon, pearberry

Mommy’s monsters (Kara K blend) - fruity pebbles, marshmallow fluff, vanilla bean

Ooey gooey frooty serendipity (SI)~ creamy marshmallow, fruity rings & serendipity

orange dream cake  - green citrus bouquet with orange & lemon notes in sweet vanilla cake

orange lemon rainbow sorbet  - orange sherbert,  tangy lemon, & rainbow sherbert

orange spiced cranberry - spiced cranberries blended with juicy orange juice

orange you plum crazy  - orange & plump berries mixed with warm spices and a hint of spruce.

Peach pomegranate ice tea (HB)~ peach, pomegranate and refreshing ice tea

pink birthday cake  -- pink sugar and vanilla birthday cake

pink lemon cookie  - pink sugar, lemons & sugar cookie

pink marshmallow   - pink sugar and sweet marshmallow

Pink Raspberry Sangria -valencia orange, tropical pineapple, raspberrie, cherries & grapefruit , with lots of sweet red wine poured on top 

pistachio lemon butter confection  -

rainbow dream cake  -Citrusy orange & lemon blended in sweet lime vanilla cake

 Red Cardinal – rock candy, marshmallow, strawberry

Rock a hula a special blend of cherry, pineapple and sweet sugary goodness **

Rubberneckin  - fresh, zesty lemons, warm vanilla extract blended  with Satsuma ( blend of mandarin slices & peel, bergamot, spices and exotic fruits!)

salt water taffy - hewy, sweet, citrusy, berry, and just a hint of sea salt.

Sophia's blend  -  5 year old Sophia picked 2 scents off the shelf and I blended them.  Strawberry soda & pomegranate

Spring Fresh - blue downy , lavender

stoned summer blend-  A blend of the stone fruits  plum, apricot, peach, and cherry

strawberry ginger ale soda - strawberry and ginger ale soda

sugared lemon mandarin - tangy lemon, raw cane sugar & mandarin orange

sugared mandarin - Raw cane sugar adds sweetness to rich mandarin orange

sweet zucchini zest  - blend of fresh baked zuccchini bread with orange zest and a hint of something sweet. 

tea & cakes  -- The aroma of warm, rich tea steeping beside a fresh slice of cake is at the heart of this charming fragrance.

vanilla bean caramel sugar cookie  - vanilla bean, caramel & sugar cookie

watermelon cotton candy watermelon & cotton candy

watermelon strawberry lemonade - watermelon, fresh strawberry & lemonade

watermelon taffy cake -  watermelon taffy & birthday cake 

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